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Twist Shake Shout DANCE / WORKOUT  Music Video by Beatle Things OUR Remade version of Twist and Shout !

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Watch Britney go through an entire 8 Minute Routine that ANYONE can do... 

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Beatle Things Dance Video - FUN * Dance workout video

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Dance Video Beatle Things Twist Shake Shout ( Dance Mix)


BEATLE THINGS : 2019 Official Dance Video

BEATLE THINGS  Official Dance Video 2019

Dance to TWIST SHAKE SHOUT ( Dance Version)

BEATLE THINGS -Not your Grandmas' Beatles

Going Viral in Europe and the UK This NEW 2019 Dance / Pop Mix  will Excite you just to Watch. Feel the Heat / Dance to the Beat 

Dance Video by Beatle Things and the Twist Shake Shout Dance / Workout Vid *

New  Twist Shake Shout (Dance Mix) in the Dance Video just Like EVERY NEW 2019 Pop Artist Correography YOU can do ! The FUN Dance Workout. LEARN the steps with Our OFFICIAL Dance Workout Video ! 

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